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Two strangers struggle for a completely honest connection in a chance, and brief, encounter at a café.


“Late” was a short film script I had written years ago as an exercise for a writers group I was a part of. I was interested in who people are at their core, and the idea of getting to know someone without the preconceived judgments that inevitably come attached to the facts we learn of their lives: what they do for a living, if they are married or not, whether or not they went to University, etc. I wanted to see what would happen when two characters tried to have a completely honest connection with no factual information to go on as they struggled to “know” each other.


My good friend, Jason Goode, heard the script at the reading all those years ago, and called me up to ask if he could direct it and if I would be in it. He and his producing partner, Dylan Jenkinson (Jenkinson Goode Productions) did a wonderful job on the film I thought, and as the festival selections started to stack up, I realized that people were responding to my specific “voice” and I gained the confidence I needed to direct the next script myself: “Greece”. I am forever grateful to Jason and Dylan for the part they played in helping me to gain that confidence.


Telefilm Canada: Not Short On Talent - Cannes 2012 (FRANCE)
KALIBER35 Munich International Short Film Festival (GER)
International Short Film Festival Detmold (GER)
DC Shorts (USA)
Beloit International Film Festival (USA)
Julien International Film Festival (USA)
Vladivostok International Film Festival (RUS)
Edmonton International Film Festival (CAN)
Vancouver International Film Festival (CAN)
LA Femme Film Festival (USA)


Selection committee at DC shorts: "The script…was witty and over the top enjoyable – almost as good as Polanski's Carnage…Wonderful dialogue."