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I have always written short stories and plays, and for the past decade or so my spec feature film scripts have garnered me “ghost writer” page-one rewrite jobs on several features in LA. After having produced my play, “Of Diners And Buses” in Vancouver (now a feature spec script), the opportunity came along to have a short film script, “Late”, produced by Jenkinson Goode Productions. “Late” went on to The Cannes Film Fest with Telefilm Canada as part of their “Not Short On Talent” program, and “Greece”, produced by Brightlight Pictures, which I wrote and directed, is currently in post-production. The idea is to find as many ways to tell stories as I move into this next stage of my career, and as I did with writing, in directing, I have found a new love.




“Right from the opening credits projected on a small screen, ‘Of Diners And Buses’ announces its affinity with the world of television. But Playwright Sarah Deakins manages to take the best qualities of that much maligned form – brisk pacing and solid entertainment value – and flesh them out with solid emotional content…In a lesser writer’s hands, this could be a recipe for disaster, but Deakins has a gift for specific stories and she wrings emotional significance from her character’s anecdotes…the writing is often witty and lyrical…’Of Diners And Buses’ exhibits a youthful sensibility, both in its sincere search for personal meaning and in its invigorating energy.”  - Kathleen Oliver


“The script…was witty and over the top enjoyable – almost as good as Polanski’s Carnage…Wonderful dialogue.” - Selection committee at DC shorts


“This play is a marvelously compelling series of candid encounters…fresh metaphors for the frightening and funny in human relationships” – Brian Zandberg, Culture Writer


“Clever, honest dialogue and the emotions these characters experience feel authentic…With ‘Of Diners And Buses’, Deakins has penned a play that speaks to her generation and the pay off on opening night was impressive…Deakins is definitely someone to watch.” – Jo Ledingham





"Also captivating is the range of talent shown by the alluring Sarah Deakins, whose acting is by degrees demure, lustrous, and intense. "
- Roger W. Eberle

The Independent Times

Deakins, in a little black dress with a plunging neckline, is arch and haughty as Vera and, in Act 3, is completely transformed into apron-wearing Maria...Deakins is so clean and sharp-edged in both roles, she sends off sparks.
- Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier